Local Products

Local Products

Sikinos taste

The island is distinguished for its excellent honey by which people make the local nougat and donuts. Some housewives make sweet watermelon and diagkourenia, a porridge of watermelon juice and pastry with honey and sesame seeds on top. The stuffed goat and a rooster in wine stand out among the dishes, while taverns can be found even from the local kebab meat. The «cheese», so to say, like a sweet cream cheese. With this and ricotta, which is also sweet, make individual pitas. The samphire and bulbs to make pickles. Very few women still make pies with onion and sour milk, or stuffed with some leaves collected from the mountain which name is pourazenes.

Honey Trails

Beekeeping has a long tradition on the island, holding for centuries. The Beekeepers Association Sikinos is extremely active. President is Anna Venier, which is a beekeeper with more than 100 colonies. Apiaries are all stable, which means handling, but access is not always easy. The Sikinioti honey boasts a strong aroma and a sweet taste, while at the same time and this gives the necessary light «burning» of thyme honey. All Sikinioti honey (which of course is anarpasto until September, which is running) is sold with labels all over the cooperative, having the name of ekastote producer. A move worthy of praise and example to follow …


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